What is the soul of me asking for now?

Care of the Soul is my offer to walk with you as you listen deeply to your inner call, and respond with discernment and courage. Our world needs us to be living from a soulful place. Only then can our unique gifts tumble into a glorious interconnected whole, alongside the gifts of all others.

It is often transitions that invite us to connect with our deepest self. Relationship upheavals and endings, changes in work or career, health issues, and the prospect of death can all put us into a time of deep uncertainty, fear and loss. We may initiate a transition ourselves, but very often it is Life that kicks butt!

Of necessity, transitions have an inbuilt empty time, a hiatus, a neutral zone. At best we will relish the fallow period, but often it feels like chaos, loss of control, and a time to be escaped or defended against.

Strong emotions will likely accompany the leaving behind of the old – fear, anger, grief…  but out of this ‘dying’ there will arise, in time, a new or deeper sense of purpose or direction, and the accompanying experience of increased aliveness, joy and inner calm.

Care of the Soul is a way of being, a practice. It lives with a central and repeating question, “What is the soul of me asking for now, and now…?”

Care of the Soul is about our taking a journey together, a deepening journey, or one through a challenging transition.

Let me walk with you…

<br/>Walking with you to a fuller life

Walking with you to a fuller life

Walk with me to find clarity, and feel grounded in your unique sense of being.

The enlivening process

<br/>Walking with you to the deep heart of your relationship

Walking with you to the deep heart of your relationship

Walk with me to find ways to stand together, facing out into the world with new purpose.

The conscious relating process

<br/>Walking with you into death

Walking with you into death

Walk with me to find completion, surrender, and deep inner peace.

The dying process