Walking with you into death

The Dying Process involves:

  • bringing clarity to how you would like this time to be, and what’s required to make it so
  • an exploration of any aspect of your journey towards death that is proving challenging
  • presencing whatever wants to come up as we allow space and quiet
  • our joint commitment to your dying process being a gift to yourself and to those around you
  • our celebrating your growing sense of readiness and relaxation.

It could involve:

  • collating your life story in a way that has meaning for you
  • seeing to the practicalities of preparation for death, such as a will, Advance Care Plan and Power of Attorney
  • sorting and sifting your physical belongings for simplicity, and so that the responsibility doesn’t fall to others
  • assisting you to find a death doula to accompany your final days
  • creating a shroud to be wrapped around you after death

Pricing: 1 hr $90NZ

Kind words

Margaret has a deep personal trust in the process of living and dying. She respects the dying person’s needs, and is led by them for timing and intervention. Her blend of practical sense, objectivity, caring, calm presence, and humour smooth the process for all concerned.

— Jo


When my brother-in-law became very fragile… it was wonderful to observe how Margie coped with such gentleness, but great strength and understanding of what was required. Her skill and compassion enabled a very strong-minded old gentleman, with high ideals, but no religious attachment, to end his life comfortably and at peace.

— Bibi

With your kind and warm manner, you made a sometimes scary process into something which was valuable and took the fear away. I really enjoyed the session we did together about my funeral wishes and thought you were so sensitive.

— Lucy